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Feel free to review these detailed job descriptions from a wide variety of career fields. You can even use these descriptions in building your own resume. Also, for those who are considering a career change, these descriptions will help you to gain a better understanding of the job competencies required by the position. Strategic Resumes is one of the only resume websites that offers this valuable service.


Accountants & Auditors
Accounts & Auditors may be knowledgeable in a wide variety of functional, analytical, and operational areas: Federal Acquisition Regulations, Cost Accounting Standards, DOD FAR Supplement Standards, GAAP, General Principles of Government & Commercial Accounting, ISO 9000, 9001, 9002, Audits & Reviews, Military Contracts & Specifications, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Business Communications, Creative Problem Solving, Managing Documents, Records & Information, and Project Management. They can also be experienced in quantitative research and analysis on statistical data, preparation of reports for presentations to executive management, analysis of statement of activities, balance sheets, operational data, general accounting, bank statement and general ledger reconciliations, month-end closings, revenue forecasting, analyzing costs and financial data, recommending appropriate courses of action, applying logic, reason, and mathematical knowledge to analyze cost data and develop effective statistical cost models, developing and monitoring financial and cost plans for specific programs, optimizing the use of available resources, managing, reconciling, and analyzing cost factors, ensuring contract performance compliance, assessing liability and financial risk, resolving conflicting positions in adversarial situations, conducting audits, maintaining credibility and trust with clients, utilizing creativity and persuasiveness to achieve organizational objectives, and consultative client relations.
Actors, Directors & Producers
Actors, Directors & Producers may be knowledgeable in entertainment / film / stage production, entertainment, dance, acting, singing, performing, public relations, coordinating with directors, executive producers, agents, venues, casting, production staff, and entertainment industry professionals. Able to take direction, learn lines, maintain stage presence, and achieve audience focus. Responsible for auditions, practice sessions, rehearsals, financing, creative management, public relations, assemble cast members, coordinate with set design and construction crews, assist directors as needed, participate in various rehearsals. Skilled in various areas of performing and creative arts, creating producing and directing theatrical performances, workshop preparation and presentation, teaching, and design. Achieving excellent audience turnout due to free publicity, good reviews, and word-of-mouth. Coordinating set design, lighting, costumes, make-up, script supervision, direction, and various aspects of production and performance. Assisting in set alterations during pre-opening rehearsals, providing support to the set designer, light designer, and costume designer during technical rehearsals.
Advertising Sales Agents / Account Executives
Responsible for sales and promotions, including planning and booking special events, coordinating promotions, targeting new accounts, widening client base, and various production duties.

Duties as Account Executive include prospecting, marketing, selling, and development of business accounts within a territory or metropolitan area. Utilize business networking, design and delivered presentations and proposals, conduct sales contract negotiations, and maintain extensive knowledge of media buyers, agencies, and prospective clients. Responsible for creating sales promotions, sponsorships, event planning, and accomplishing goals for commercial advertising sales. Work with Traffic Dept. to ensure strategic placement of spots, and with Production Dept. to write copy and produce effective 30 and 60-second radio commercials. Sold advertising with responsibility for managing and developing client accounts, prospecting for new business, and closing sales. Conduct aggressive cold-calling and networking to area small businesses, design presentations, educate clients on advertising benefits, offer special promotions, and all aspects of consultative sales and customer service. Design print advertising copy and layout, TV and radio commercial concepts, and proofread copy to ensure accuracy.
Aircraft Engineering and Operations Technicians
Responsible for inspecting, removing, repairing, installing, and modifying aircraft and flight systems on aircraft. Advise on problems with systems repair and maintenance. Diagnose malfunctions on pneudraulic, avionics, mechanical, weapons, and fuel systems. Resolve problems using technical publications and analytic techniques. Determine repair and maintenance procedures. Advise on installation and maintenance procedures and policies, order parts, install, repair, and modify aircraft systems. Diagnose malfunctions using test equipment, located leaks, removed, repair, and replace components, inspect aircraft systems.
Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers
Pilot Airplane Single & Multi-Engine, Land & Sea, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Instrument Airplane, Instrument Helicopter, Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot, Boeing 747, 777, 767, 757, 737, 727, Airbus A-320, A-319, Douglas DC-10, DC1030. Serve as First Officer, Captain, Flight Instructor. Fly passengers and cargo to a variety of domestic and international destinations, crew supervision, administrative procedures and policy, and command and control. Accumulate extensive flight time with perfect safety record.
Arts Administration & Performance Arts
Skill in various areas of visual, performing, and creative arts, arts administration, instruction of arts programs, talent identification, art as a learning tool, coordinating production and publicity for exhibitions, and visual performances, workshop preparation and presentation, teaching, and design. Experience in working with students and volunteers, fundraising, marketing, volunteer management, and public relations. Program implementation and coordination, media relations, volunteer recruitment, interpersonal relations, performing experience within the arts community. Graduate or undergraduate-level studies combined with extensive internship and practicum experience. Skill in various aspects of office administration, use of office equipment, scheduling, ordering supplies, inventory, inputting data, assisting with galas and receptions, community outreach and public relations campaigns, and media relations. Effective grant writing, preparing press releases, set-up for conferences, meetings, and parties, participating in, organizing, and conducting special events. Skilled in various areas of performing and creative arts, creating producing and directing theatrical performances, workshop preparation and presentation, teaching, and design. Trained in providing instruction for diverse educational settings and working with students from various learning levels and socioeconomic backgrounds. Broad training in arts administration and theatre arts, superior organizational abilities, graduate degree in Fine Arts, combined with extensive experience as an instructor and tutor with arts programs. Experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable in talent identification, skill development, art as a learning tool, assessment of students, and creating unique methods for improving skill levels and academic performance. Proficient and experienced in entertainment, dance, acting, singing, performing, and public relations, coordinating with directors, executive producers, agents, venues, casting, and production staff, and entertainment industry professionals. Able to take direction, learn lines, maintain stage presence, and achieve audience focus. Responsible for auditions, practice sessions, and rehearsals.
Athletes and Sports Competitors
Play professional sports, perform in games, practices, and training sessions, participate in media events and functions, work with charities and non-profit organizations, train and exercise, maintain ideal body mass index and weight, utilize state-of-the-art exercise equipment, observe nutritional and safety guidelines, attend practices and off-season work-out and camps. Coordinate closely with coaching staff, learn plays and techniques, study film, improve skills, attend to injuries with athletic trainers, perform at a high level in competitions, games, tournaments, identify appropriate equipment for specific applications, utilize strengthening and conditioning regimens, travel to various locations for on-site training, observe league rules, serve as role model, and keep abreast of the latest developments in performance enhancement.
Strong background in various facets of litigation, trial preparation, jury selection and voir dire, initial conferences, discovery, interviewing witnesses, taking depositions, conducting cross examinations, oral arguments, and related trial functions. Strong legal research and analysis skills, fast, accurate, and efficient in researching legal issues, skilled in drafting and proofreading legal documents, and recognized by judges for detail-oriented work style, thorough preparation, interpersonal relations, and effective representation and trial advocacy. Successful litigation experience in criminal prosecution & defense, standard appeals, post-conviction relief, habeas corpus, 4th Amendment search & seizure issues, rights of speedy trial, as well as supervision and management of felony jury trials and cases involving first degree murder, serial rape, organized crime, police corruption, child abuse victims, and police brutality. Manage the entire process surrounding post-conviction proceedings resulting in freedom for innocent defendants through post-conviction relief proceedings. Well-developed civil legal analysis skills; accurate and efficient in drafting motions and briefs, composing and reviewing documents, trial preparation, conferences, discovery, interviewing and deposing witnesses, conducting cross examinations, arguing motions and presenting oral arguments, and related trial functions. Fully capable of working at a high level within a wide range of practices, from plaintiff personal injury litigation and insurance defense to private general civil / criminal practice and commercial transactions. Responsible for preparing, reviewing, and filing various motions and petitions, including motions to compel production of documents, answers to interrogatories, motions to strike, oppositions to compel, strike, and dismiss, petition to review, requests for summary judgment, default judgments, and motions to continue. Additionally responsible for meeting and conferring with opposing counsel, preparing, filing, and serving complaints, writing letters to clients, insurance adjusters, experts, investigators, physicians and medical facilities, employers, government entities, and courts, answering cross-complaints, as well as negotiating and settling cases prior to litigation. Operate a successful general civil and criminal law practice with an emphasis on plaintiff personal injury litigation. Manage client services and administrative duties, including establishing and maintaining a solid client base, public relations and marketing, litigation and pre-trial activities, preparation of legal documents, negotiations and settlements, extensive legal correspondence, and related functions. Control margins and expenses while giving optimum value to the client. Perform client intakes and client interviews to determine case merit and viability, signing retainers, reviewing fees and costs, and discussing case strategy directly with clients.
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
Perform automobile and truck repairs and installation services within high-tech environments, install components and systems, order parts and equipment, job completion, reading schematics, coordinating with service managers, safety awareness, and effective interaction with clients and supervisors. Equipment includes pneumatic impact wrenches, digital torque wrenches, air compressors, grinding equipment, cylinder honing machines, emissions testing equipment, drills, micrometers, pullers, scanners, vises, electrical, testing equipment, presses, torches, and a wide range of hand and power shop equipment and tools. Work within full-service auto repair and maintenance shops with bays and ASE-certified mechanics. Perform a wide range of services, including brakes, engine tune-ups, battery replacement, tires, shocks, struts, wheel alignment, oil change, air conditioning, cooling system, emission system, and preventative maintenance. Provide written estimates of repairs, ensuring quality control for work, training and supervising technicians, ordering parts, maintaining facility, obtaining referrals from towing companies and other businesses, and customer service. Serve as ASE Technician with responsibility for providing quality service by performing the following automotive services: safety and courtesy inspections, diagnostic services through proficient use of electronic test equipment, specialized repair and replacement services, fuel injection systems, diesel engines, on-board computer systems, and emission control systems. Conduct general repair and replacement services for truing rotors and drums, disc drums and brakes, wheel alignment, struts and suspension, engine performance (tune-up), fuel systems, cruise control, sound systems, exhaust systems, fluid and filter service, heating and cooling systems, air conditioning systems, drive train/U-joint service, front wheel drive/constant velocity joints, and other specialty installations.


Bank Tellers, Teller Supervisors, Branch Managers, Customer Service Representatives
Provide teller services to bank clients, including cash and check transactions, payroll services, and daily deposits. Additionally responsible for selling money orders, cashier checks, and US savings bonds. Cash checks, issue money orders, traveler's checks, and cashier's checks, accept deposits and withdrawals, process return items, and issue and redeem savings bonds. Provide prompt and courteous customer service, cross-sell banking products and services, and observe all banking regulations. Perform supervision and monthly auditing of tellers, scheduling, and training of employees, overseeing cash handling and record keeping procedures, and assisting bank clients with financial matters. Plan and lead motivational weekly sales meetings, review best practices, prepare quarterly financial progress reports, assist in auditing, problem resolution, application review, primary research, approval, negotiation, and customer service. Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local banking regulations and work closely with clients, corporate management, and depositors. Train staff in financial transactions, selection of banking services, setting up new accounts, and customer service. Monitor past-due payments, collections on delinquent accounts, balancing cash window and teller drawer, handling accounts payable and receivable, tracking and recorded transactions, ordering branch supplies, counting cash, and maintaining proper documentation. Analyze consumer personal financial statements in order to determine and assess risk for loan applications. Promote bank products and services, ensure compliance with banking regulations, security policies, and corporate procedures. Review economic data involving local economy to prepare forecasts and projections of annual loan volume, conduct training program for employees with a curriculum consisting of new financial services programs, marketing techniques, and banking regulations.
Responsible for all aspects of daily bartending and bar operations, including high quality customer service, food & beverage service, and high-volume sales. Provide customer consultation on liquor and wine list. Assist in special events, catering, weddings, coordinating beverages for parties on premises, VIP guest arrangements, and prepping celery, olives, limes, lemons, and other items. Administrative duties include closing the bar at the end of shift, liquor inventory, cost controls, handling customer service issues, and training new bar employees. Observe safety and legal bar serving guidelines.
Bookkeeping & Accounting Clerks
Accounting and bookkeeping services, general accounting functions, general ledger, journal maintenance, month-end closings, AP/AR, state and federal reporting and remittance, and sales tax preparation. Track bank transactions, reconcile bank accounts, verify deposits, prepare books for tax accountant at CPA firm, and submitted all necessary reports. Duties included providing direct administrative support to senior management, coordination of day-to-day office operations, accounts payable, company payroll, monthly bank statements, answering multi-line phones, scheduling appointments, and coordinating subcontractors and suppliers. Create and organize filing systems, handle confidential information and expense reports, order supplies, and related administrative duties. Operate office equipment, phones, copiers, faxes, computers, and other equipment.


Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels
Operate and captain cargo and passenger vessels, provide expeditions, transport, and charter services. Responsibilities include supervising personnel in all aspects of boat maintenance and operations. Captain duties consist of wheel watch, radar watch, communication and coordination with clients, transportation and support of crews, vessel maintenance, training new personnel in all operations, supervising boat crew, assigning work details, and ensuring compliance with strict U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations. Monitor crew safety awareness and knowledge of mission objectives, participate in performance evaluations of subordinates, order equipment, maintain boats and marine equipment, and serve as instructor on Navigation, Marine Safety, Confined Space Entry, and Hazwoper on a continuous basis. Supervise personnel in all aspects of boat maintenance and operations, wheel watch, radar watch, communication and coordination with clients, transportation and support of crews, vessel maintenance, training new personnel in all operations, supervising boat crew, and assigning work details.
Cashiers (Retail)
Greet customers, operate a computerized cash register and scanning system with cash, check, and credit card transactions, bag items, help customers to locate merchandise within the store, stock non-grocery products and seasonal goods, and assist the scanning manager with entering price changes into the computer. Balance drawer, assist customers with purchases in a fast and friendly manner, pull damaged, dated, and discontinued items, create signs and visual displays, and provide consistently high quality customer service and satisfaction.
Chefs and Cooks, Restaurant
Trained and knowledgeable in all positions and stations including Sous Chef, Sauté, Pantry, Broiler, Saucier, Pastry, Grill, Prep, Expediter, and Line Cook. Demonstrated abilities in various cuisines. Experienced in innovation and creation of soups, stocks, sauces, vegetables, plate garnishes, salads, dressings, seasonings, desserts, hot and cold appetizers, meats, steaks, shellfish, fresh and saltwater fish, poultry, lamb, pork, and veal. Responsible for all aspects of daily kitchen operations for an upscale, casual dining establishment. Supervised kitchen employees, including training, scheduling, and related personnel management duties. Oversaw inventory and purchasing of food, supplies, and equipment, menu development, and coordinated vendor relations. Managed cost controls for both food and labor, expense budgets, and quality control. Prepare and prep food items, participate in menu development, monitor security measures, loss prevention, and coordinated facility maintenance and upkeep. Work to ensure compliance with all restaurant policies and procedures, as well as health and safety regulations. Provide consistently high quality customer service and satisfaction, and work to facilitate a clean, hospitable, and friendly dining experience. Serve as team leader to improve work flow and restaurant efficiency.
Chief Executive Officers
Coordinate all aspects of strategic and operational planning for corporations, recruit management team, hire developers, architectural firms, attorneys, accountants, and engineers, organize all legal, corporate reporting, and regulatory requirements, and coordinate with legislative officials and investment representatives. Expedite manufacturing or service operations to meet a production deadlines, roll out new products and programs, and meet challenging regulatory rules and regulations. Coordinate political and public relations ceremonies, serve as public speaker, utilize all available marketing and public relations strategies, and maintain extensive involvement and participation in national and local associations, conferences, and shows. Complete various special projects assigned by the Board of Directors, perform due diligence research and analysis, analyze potential acquisitions, strengthen investor relationships, develop and implement annual budgets, audits, and schedules, oversee reporting, and assist in conversions of acquired institutions.
Child Care Workers, Supervisors, Pre-K Teachers
Provide management and daily program supervision for children within a quality day care environment. Duties and responsibilities include developing curriculum for and supervising staff members, training parents on basic foundation for school preparation, and directing staff in various duties, including reading stories, organizing learning and enrichment activities, overseeing office duties, and answering phones. Coordinate closely with parents to focus on developmental issues and provide feedback. Maintain State, Board of Health, and Fire Marshal standards in program, staff, and facility needed for licensure. As teacher and caregiver for pre-K children, use state-of-the-art learning centers and learning materials, provide overall supervision of daily activities, including reading, organizing learning activities, playtime, naps, meals, personal hygiene, child safety, parties, and special events. Responsible for classroom management, advancing pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math comprehension skills, storytelling, organizing group learning and play time, music and art, scheduling daily activities, assessment and evaluation of child progress, providing discipline, supervising nap times, and coordination with parents and staff.
Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
Responsibilities include all aspects of liability claims adjustment for auto, bodily injury, casualty, property loss / damage claims, including investigating and evaluating claims, interviewing claimants, and negotiating settlements. Coordinate with various professionals in the field and submit all necessary paperwork and reports. Handle claims with settlement authority, investigate insurance claims, prepare reports on findings and negotiate settlements with clients, take photos and detailed notes, interview claimants and witnesses, consult police and hospital records, and inspect damage to determine extent of liability for specific incidents.
Responsibilities include serving congregation as Minister. Write and deliver weekly sermons and homilies, conduct Bible studies and other classes, oversee youth groups, recruit volunteers from within the congregation, coordinate with issues involving church budget, facilities, and renovations, provide family and individual counseling, preside over weddings, baptisms, funerals, and various other church functions, and all related pastoral duties. Responsible for counseling, guidance, spiritual enrichment, and mentoring within community. Perform religious ceremonies and rituals, report to higher officials, and engage in prayer and worship.
Coaches & Scouts
Hold responsibility for providing instruction in sports techniques, implementing practices, coaching games, determining skill and fitness levels, and teaching exercise and conditioning techniques. Design new strength and conditioning programs to improve muscle tone, strength, and stamina, implement pre-season workouts, and demonstrate proper use of exercise equipment. Lead team meetings, coordinate closely with players, media, and front office, travel with team to numerous competitions. Design and execute plays, enforce team discipline, select and draft players, and implement winning and competitive game strategies.
Computer Systems Analysts, IT Directors & Managers
Manage IT teams, employees, technicians, and managers assigned to design, deploy and support processing platforms and network infrastructure. Skilled in information systems management, developing effective Network Systems & Internet strategies, programming for specific customized client and system requirements, and meeting client needs. Utilize technical skills to support corporate image, enhance brand development, content management, project management, marketing, communication, multimedia, graphic design, and programming. Experienced in installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of desktops, laptops, servers, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, routers, power supplies, UPS, printers, and scanners. Software and system duties expertise includes installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, updating and maintenance of Windows 9x/NT/2000, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Access, Outlook, and Internet Explorer. Proficient in Pascal Assembler, COBOL, C, C++, QuickBooks, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, DreamWeaver, HTML, Gif Animator, Online Bulletin Board, Online Secure Shopping, Password Protected Websites, Search Engine Submission, Website Advertising, Macromedia Flash, and related spreadsheets, databases, and software programs. Responsible for coordinating with staff in researching alternative solutions to enhance efficiency, productivity, and integrity of client networks, preparing project plans, and advising clients on system needs. Assist in the design, installation, upgrading, and configuring of network equipment (servers, hubs, switches, routers, etc.) for operational networks, design company user manuals, and conduct custom training sessions for clients. Provide high-level support in resolving network problems either directly on-site of via telephone. Responsible for the administration of LAN and WAN systems, including installation, documentation, and maintenance, with a network system of personal computers connected via Token ring and Ethernet. Direct PC Technicians with hardware and software installations through detailed written instructions on workstation configuration and application setup. Oversee administration of file servers, with duties including new server installations, adding users, installing or upgrading server-based software, and troubleshooting. Design and implement expansions by configuring and installing routers and switches. Coordinate with cable contractors to run fiber and UTP cable, work with vendors to attain support of their products and knowledge of the latest technologies, develop comprehensive documentation including installation and maintenance of the computer network, with responsibility for logging activities and presenting them in reports.
Serve as a liaison and concierge at hotels with responsibility for resolving guest issues related to hotel policies, guest service, amenities, and reservations, as well as optimizing guests' visits. Perform a wide range of management responsibilities and coordination with various departments, including Sales, Operations, Guest Services, Front Desk, Food & Beverage, and Security. Identify, influence, and coordinate itineraries, amenities, and special requests for guests with particular skill at engaging guests in local culture and history while adapting activities to suit individual styles and needs. Responsible for maintaining thorough, up-to-date knowledge on entertainment, restaurants, tours, amenities, vendors, and other local and cultural elements through on-site research, literature and business-to business relationships. Duties and responsibilities include serving as a liaison for all sites, activities, and entertainment within the city. Additionally coordinate all necessary business support and corporate services, as well as guest orientation and information. Make suggestions and recommendations based upon individual assessment of client's needs and available resources. Services include researching and arranging a wide variety guest requests, including tickets, airline reservations, restaurant reservations, secretarial services, car rentals, out-of-town drives, golf tee times, flowers, birthdays, anniversaries, gifts, meeting rooms, power lunches, parties, entertainment, cruises, tours (air, boat, bus, walking), health spas, massage therapy, banking needs, and private requests.
Construction Workers / Carpenters
Serve as construction worker and carpenter specializing in residential or commercial construction and remodeling, with duties including framing, rough-in and finish carpentry, remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, renovating living rooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces, hanging sheetrock, plumbing and rewiring, installing windows, doors, flooring, and carpeting, finish work, cabinets, painting, structural work, decks, and other construction projects. Ensure compliance with local building codes and permit requirements, supervise helpers, coordinate with other crafts, observe safety regulations, and review blueprints.
Construction Managers & Superintendents
Experienced in construction crew supervision, renovation, material take-off, and cost estimating within construction, commercial, and residential environments, managing crews, subcontractors, and vendors, tracking job progress, safety awareness, community relations, cost controls, scheduling operational tasks and projects, insisting on quality and excellence, logistics and planning, and project management. Experience in risk management, working with property owners, administration and monitoring of contract agreements, and effective interaction with inspectors. Experience in managing all aspects of construction projects, maintaining up-to-date knowledge of techniques and materials, selection and maintenance of power tools, ordering stock and supplies, job completion, reporting to senior management, and meeting all deadlines. Effective interaction with engineers, crews, and subcontractors, quickly acquiring new technical information, careful reading of instructions, drawings, and blueprints, submitting reports and memos, and the ability to establish and maintain professional relationships. Supervise crews and subcontractors in framing walls, drywall, texture, paint, concrete, carpeting and flooring, lights, ceilings, and related jobs. Coordinate, schedule, and supervise crews, monitor subcontractors, estimate costs, order materials, maintain vendor relations, receive shipments, manage equipment / tool maintenance, and related administrative duties. Assist in controlling work hours, inspection of work, materials sourcing, scheduling, and purchasing. Submit daily, weekly, and final reports on all jobs managed, ensure compliance with building codes, and comply with safety regulations. Personally handle hiring of personnel, payroll, inspection of work, estimates, materials sourcing, and purchases. Ensure quality control and coordinate scheduling for work, plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing, finish work, cabinets, painting, and other construction projects. Read blueprints, monitor compliance with local building codes, process permit requirements, and maintain an excellent safety record. Recognized by clients, architects, inspectors, owners, and contractors for detail-oriented work style, outstanding technical skills, quality job performance, working effectively within limited budgets, and timely completion of all projects. Construction skills include residential and commercial projects, house leveling, floors, project lay-out, estimating, purchasing, sheetrock, tape and texture, finish carpentry, light plumbing, installing cabinets and counters, trim carpentry, and metal roofing. Supervise crews of skilled craftsmen and laborers, bid jobs, estimate materials and labor, prepare contracts for customer signature, line out subcontractors, and manage projects.
Correctional Officers & Prison Guards
Responsible for supervising and enforcing the rules and regulations governing the operation of a correctional institution, including the confinement, safety, health, and protection of inmates, as well as supervising various work assignments of inmates. Provide care and custody of inmates, ensure safety of inmates and deputies, count and monitor inmates and activities on tier, complete detailed reports on inmate disciplinary actions, and enforcing all departmental rules and regulations. Supervise daily inmate activities including security checks, showering, and meals, escorting inmates to authorized appointments, enforcing noise restrictions, conducting counts, and reporting all unusual incidents. Conduct security checks of facilities and grounds, monitor and maintain pods of inmates on maximum and minimum security levels, and oversee new correctional officers. Operate Afis finger printing machine and central control board panels, work in the booking division, transport inmates to and from jails, oversee G.E.D. class programs, and supervise inmates during recreation and facility maintenance, as well as in the facility kitchen and dining areas.


Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants
Responsible for a variety of organizational duties with a focus on participating in periodontic, endodontic, prosthodontic, and general chairside dental procedures, preparing and sterilizing instruments, employee training, educating patients, and managing schedules, records, insurance, and inventory. Perform front and back office duties, schedule appointments, operate x-ray equipment, verify insurance eligibility, provide information, assist in chairside procedures, maintain patient charts, and solve patient relations issues. Responsible for building crowns and bridges, and assisting in all dental procedures. Served as Dental Hygienist specializing in general and restorative dentistry. Qualified and experienced in all aspects of dental hygiene and education, and various related procedures. Assist as a liaison with periodontists, dental sales reps, vendors and suppliers, and specialists, perform computer charting, process online supply orders, and provided high quality customer service and care. Implement soft tissue management, assist with general and oral surgery activities, manage inventory and ordering of dental supplies, and ensured excellent patient relations. Responsible for purchase of supplies and equipment, ensuring proper maintenance of dental lab tools and equipment, operation of computers, providing customer information, and answering phones.
Dietitians and Nutritionists
Provide consulting services relative to dietetic and nutritional counseling in various health care environments and administrative management. Interact and network with physicians, physiologists, nurses, and other health care professionals, and conduct formal presentations. Conduct Medical Nutrition therapy and consultation to long-term care facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, group homes, and individuals. Proficient in pediatric through geriatric nutrition support, eating / psychiatric disorders, developmentally challenged, head-injured, weight management, and private practice counseling nutrition and fitness. Knowledgeable in all aspects of Administrative and Clinical Dietetics, providing Nutritional Assessments, CQI audits, menu planning, and establishing and monitoring overall policies and procedures of the dietary department to ensure compliance with all state, federal, and JCAHO regulations. Coordinate inpatient nutritional care, with duties including assessing patient conditions and needs, and evaluating, implementing, and monitoring the nutrition program. Served as an integral member of every rehabilitation therapy team, including pediatric, adult, and neurobehavioral.


Education Administrators, Elementary & Secondary School, Post-Secondary
Skilled in all aspects of managing educational activities and classroom operations as Principal, school budgeting, fundraising and development, facilities maintenance, safety and health, curriculum development, evaluation of student progress, coordination with faculty, parents, and administration, facilitation of positive learning environments, and related administrative duties. Responsibilities include organizing and leading faculty meetings, curriculum development, administering discipline to students as needed, participating in various school committees and activities, coordinating closely with parents, and overseeing issues regarding instruction, testing, safety, and public relations. Additionally responsible for obtaining new computers and technology, coordination of maintenance and security, ensuring facilitation of positive a learning environment, directing the school budgetary process, conducting planning to improve reading, writing, and mathematics scores, mentoring new teachers in goal setting and professional development, and evaluation of student progress. Coordinate with students, parents, parent volunteers, and other community members and professionals to ensure consistent educational and developmental opportunities. Successfully lead development and fundraising activities, as well as block parties, sales of prepared food items, school fairs, sales campaigns, personal donations, and annual educational banquets.
Experience in complete installation, troubleshooting, and start-up of electrical systems, including P.L.C. and R.T.U. units, generators, motor control centers, transformers, and lighting systems, as well as installation of CLX cable tray and all sizes of CLX cable, and E.M.T. rigid and aluminum conduit. Utilize voltmeters, Meggars, ohmmeters, blueprints, electrical schematics, and most equipment in the industrial, commercial, and residential industries. Skilled in wiring for residential and commercial applications, as well as layouts for electrical boxes, electrical rooms, circuit breakers, switches, meters, generators, fixtures, appliances, ballasts, and lighting systems. Duties include pipe bending, conduit installation, troubleshooting, motor controls, circuit breakers, receptacles, and a range of related duties in residential, commercial, maritime, and industrial environments. Perform all standard electric installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks, familiar with standard color codes, knowledgeable in use of all standard electric and hand tools. Maintain tools and equipment. Travel to various job sites as assigned.
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics
Perform 911-emergency response operations, safety inspection of ambulance vehicles, documentation of incidents, and use of equipment and supplies. Clinical skills include administration of fluid resuscitation, IV therapy, on-site management of crisis response, and use of artificial airway management devices. Provide hands-on care to HIV / AIDS patients observing all necessary precautions. Coordinate closely with ER physicians, nurses, staff in local hospitals. Utilize state-of-the-art paramedic techniques to increase positive outcomes and improve trauma survivability. Responsible for diagnosing, stabilizing, treating and transporting injured and critically ill patients. Served as Scene Control Leader in charge of directing all aspects of rescue operations with direct responsibility for overall management of rescue operations. Handle evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and transport functions, comfort and treat the critically ill and injured, assist in training new recruits, perform on-scene coordination of fire and police emergency response teams, handle inventory / ordering / stocking of supplies for shift. Provide advanced and basic life support services during emergency and non-emergency situations, official reporting, teaching and training, public relations, and related administrative duties. Coordinate with ambulance service staff and drivers, responded to emergency situations, assisted Emergency Room personnel with patient care, and provided basic emergency medical services.
Employment, Recruitment, and Placement Specialists
Perform recruiting of suitable candidates for client firms representing major employers with a wide range of staffing needs. Recruit candidates utilizing databases, advertising response programs, and related methods. Duties and responsibilities include candidate sourcing, requirements gathering, cold-calling, developing recruiting strategies, conducting candidate interviews, making reference and background checks, reviewing resumes, and writing on-line and print advertising copy. Coordinate closely with hiring managers, HR directors, university departments, owners and presidents of companies, and key clients. Initiate, develop, and maintain strategic relationships, conduct salary and contract negotiations, and draft offer letters. Attend job fairs and run booths, provide in-depth information to prospective clients, coordinate temporary staffing, handle temp-to-perm and permanent placement for clients, screen all applicants, and related staffing duties.
Executive Secretaries & Administrative Assistants
Responsible for serving as primary executive and administrative support for Presidents, Vice Presidents, and executive managers of companies, taking projects from start to completion, providing administrative support and project management, coordinating scheduling and travel arrangements, and documenting all activities. In charge of preparation of reports and documents, maintaining database records, business and personal bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, company tax preparation, data entry, reception, assistance with various projects, scheduling meetings and conferences, computer systems input, typing, copying, faxing, and answering telephones. Responsible for providing specific administrative services, contributing ideas, screening and fielding phone calls, coordinating travel arrangements and travel planning, maintaining the executive calendar, appointment scheduling, arranging luncheons, meetings, and conference calls, handling expenses and bills, and running all activities and filing for the executive office. Conduct extensive meeting planning, arrange conference call sessions, oversee travel planning for the entire company, plan monthly staff meetings, arrange monthly company dinners, organize the company holiday and event parties, and maintain various schedules and calendars. Assigned to plan and organize major annual conferences attended by the company, assist with various special projects, order office supplies, coordinate vendor relations, and manage computer system issues. Skilled in various aspects of office administration, including HR, payroll and accounting procedures, complying with detailed business policies and procedures, providing in-depth executive support, organizing and maintaining complex filing systems, billing and invoicing, effectively managing multiple tasks, handling multi-line phone systems, utilizing electronic office equipment, purchasing equipment and supplies, coordinating with vendors and key clients, scheduling tasks and projects, conducting price negotiations, program implementation, and reporting to corporate office. Arrange training for new employees, deal directly with the public, and produce in-depth reports. Additional skills include public relations, business communications, coordinating articles for newsletters and publications, delivering presentations, facilitating workshops and seminars, and writing detailed instructional manuals and training guidelines.


Fast Food Workers
Responsible for prep, cooking, food, beverage, cleaning, and cashier operations for fast food establishments. Duties include cooking, sandwich making, food packaging, order taking, opening and closing facilities, performing routine maintenance, making change, upselling, drive-thru restaurant operations, counting drawers prior to starting shifts, monitoring quality control, assisting in training new employees, performing routine maintenance and cleaning, providing consistently high quality customer service and satisfaction, and serving as team leader to improve work flow and efficiency.
File Clerks
Perform filing, organizational, and clerical duties associated with the retrieval, maintenance, and protection of records in both numeric and subject file systems. Maintain a log of records issued, and conduct follow-ups to assure proper return. Duties include answering high-volume multi-line phones, greeting clients, taking messages, preparing new files and accounts, filing various documents, faxing and copying, data entry, scheduling appointments, and other duties as assigned.
Film & Video Production Assistant
Skilled in film and video production, directing short movies, serving as an independent video editor, script and feature writing, serving as sound / boom mike and grip, and studio and video camera operation. Skilled in operating media equipment, editing, operating sound board, audio mixer, and high definition video camera, premiere coordination, and VIP relations. Certified in Studio Camera and Video Camera Operations. Serve as assistant to the executive producer, serve as coordinator for each episode's director in the prepping, shooting, and posting phases of production. Provide technical and other assistance as needed, clerical assistance, compile details of program requirements and artists' rehearsal times, and assist with preparation of material to be included in the production of the program. Assist in the planning and management of technical and artistic resources, the process of production, controlling the budget, recruitment of staff, script development, and coordinating sets, locations, and equipment. Coordinate talent, answer phones, set up meetings with all departments, and department heads of production, participate in casting sessions, work on set as needed, obtain revised scripts from writers, and deal directly with various studio executives. Answer phones, provide information, schedule and participate in meetings, approve purchases and invoices, and coordinate closely with studio representatives. Responsible for assisting extras casting director in various stages of pre-production, handling office duties, scheduling and attending meetings, answering phones, and providing information to agencies and individuals. Assist the transportation coordinator as needed for shooting films, coordinating various meetings, taking photos on the set, and working closely with freight forwarders and shippers. Perform a wide range of duties as production assistant, including assisting with sets, equipment, and overall production activities for various shoots on location or in studio. Work in all aspects of production and business, including work on commercials, promotions, and music videos. Studio duties include camera, lighting, sound, sets, editing, and remote shooting. Administrative duties consist of research, promotions, advertising sales, answering phones, and filing.
Financial Analysts & Advisors
Knowledgeable in portfolio analysis, market and company research, conducting informational sessions for clients and decision-makers, analyzing investment opportunities, maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry developments and market trends, developing productive and profitable business relationships, and working directly with brokers and financial planners to maximize returns. Provide customer education on investment products, educate individuals and groups on investment strategies, features, and taxation benefits, conduct seminars and group presentations, coordinate and develop investment allocation plans, work with investment managers and VIP clients, generate forecasts and projections, and create innovative investment programs. Serve as a broker / advisor with responsibility for educating clients on asset allocation, diversification, general investment principles, and personal finance management. Earned and maintained Series 7 & 63 brokerage licenses with ability to receive and place trade orders for investment securities. Conduct due diligence, research, and analysis of transactions involving stocks, bonds, annuities, and mutual funds. Responsible for soliciting new business, establishing profitable relationships with high net worth clients, researching investment information, and providing sales support for a variety of portfolio investment products. Conduct market research to identify prospective high net worth clients, update and revise sales scripts for targeted marketing, coordinate with brokers as necessary, research competitive companies, determine client investment capabilities to customize presentations of investment products, assess financial resources and tolerance for risk, and utilize stock and industry reports to research client issues. Serve as an independent investment advisor to active clients on investments, banking, estate planning, and taxes. Conduct all due diligence, extensive research, and in-depth analysis of transactions and potential acquisitions involving stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, insurance, business ventures, and banking. Responsible for interfacing as needed with clients' other professional advisors, bankers, brokers, financial planners, CPAs, and attorneys to arrive at the optimal asset allocation and investment portfolio suitable for the needs of each client. Oversee firm operations in the business of financial management and investments, manage portfolios and investment products for high net worth investors, and offer a wide range of financial management services. Hire, train, and currently supervise staff members. Develop customized financial plans, provide targeted research and analysis and examine risk in a variety of instruments including stocks, bonds, options, UITs, mutual funds, annuities, and life insurance. Duties include the review and selection of securities that match client objectives, conducting in-depth research, obtaining referrals, making presentations, advising clients on cost-effective investment strategies, assessment of financial resources, and determining tolerance for risk. Also responsible for relationship management, production of quarterly performance data, and analysis of detailed reports. Produce advisories on stock performance, mutual fund analysis, and provide clients with a high level of personal attention and communication concerning their financial assets.
Fitness Trainers & Aerobics Instructors
Responsible for educating and supervising fitness club members and guests, spotting on free weights, bodybuilding, floor stretches, personal fitness, exercise, and aerobics. Provide instruction and encouragement in routines for personal fitness and physical rehabilitation, conduct exercise classes, and schedule individual appointments. Utilize aerobic and weight-training programs, maintain up-to-date knowledge of fitness and health innovations and information, and coach individuals on a wide range of techniques and equipment, including Nautilus, Cybex, Lifefitness, StairMaster, Sports/Medical products, and free weights. Direct classes in Advanced Aerobics, Weight Training, and Spin. Responsible for educating and supervising members in personal fitness, exercise, health, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. Provide personal training for individual members of all populations, including special needs. Additionally responsible for assisting in training new Group Fitness Instructors and implementing Customer Service Training as needed for staff. Experienced in selling, promoting, and servicing existing and prospective members including administering a fitness assessment to membership, conducting facility tours, measuring and weighing monthly, and participated in exhibits and booths for local marketing campaigns. Responsible for reporting directly to senior managers, creating and implementing continuous follow-up on all fitness projects, increasing member retention, training new and existing staff, working within strict budgets, program evaluation, and quality assurance for all member programs.
Flight Attendants / Stewardesses & Stewards
Serve as flight attendant for leading airline carriers with service to domestic and international destinations. Responsible for all aspects of in-flight customer service including, coordinating passenger boarding and deplaning, cabin preparation, safety instruction, beverage and meal service, and general assistance to passengers, flight crew, ground crew, and pilots. Frequent travel to a wide range of destinations in the continental U.S. and overseas, with flights originating from various airports. Receive training in emergency procedures and evacuations, CPR / First Aid, customer care, assisting disabled passengers, and effectively resolving problem situations, including difficult passengers, intoxicated passengers, and medical emergencies. Maintain an outstanding employee evaluation record, achieve a perfect safety record, and receive complimentary letters from passengers for excellent service. Successfully evacuate passengers and crew during an emergencies aboard planes as necessary.


Gaming Dealers & Supervisors
Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, troubleshooting, maintaining extensive knowledge of games including Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, Mini Bac, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, For the Money, and Texas Hold Em. Deal table games, provide consistently high quality customer service, and utilize excellent people skills to provide a friendly and competitive gaming environment. Coordinate with security and management personnel. Ensure that games are dealt accurately and correctly. Monitor player activity to prevent cheating, track cash flow and customer holdings. and ensure quality customer service and satisfaction. Receive intensive training and instruction on casino operations, security, and dealing. Report suspicious activities. Undergo extensive background checks. Management duties also include scheduling, supervision, and training of casino employees, interaction with all aspects of casino operations including security / surveillance, slots, cage, and credit, serving as Acting Manager when necessary, ensuring quality customer service, and related administrative functions.
Geologists & Petroleum Scientists & Engineers
Responsibilities include conducting field and laboratory scientific analysis of petroleum-related activities, stratigraphy, and related geological processes. Collect and analyze data, make recommendations on exploration, drilling, mud logging, and pipeline activities. Maintain knowledge of oil field chemicals, demulsifiers, water-treating products, corrosion and scale inhibitors, paraffin solvents and inhibitors, surfactants, and dispersants. Ensure compliance with federal and state environmental regulations as they pertain to offshore and land-based oil and gas activities. Stay abreast of developments through current literature, journals, and attendance at meetings / seminars. Assist staff in matters relative to geological issues. Provide expertise to oil companies on matters related to production of oil and gas in both shallow and deep water environments, serve as geologist and technical expert with respect to environmental impacts resulting from oil and gas production activities. Conduct field and computer studies on structural geology, mapping, and related work in sedimentary and metamorphic terrain.
Graduate Teaching Assistants
Responsible for assisting in grading exams, conducting research, lab and classroom instruction, providing student guidance and tutoring, and other duties as assigned. Perform a variety of administrative functions to assist Professors, coordinate various activities within the Department, and assist Chair and faculty members by conducting and compiling library research. Responsible for conducting research under an advising professor, participating and assisting with various studies, leading class discussions, grading student assignments, holding office hours, coordinating with supervising professor, guest lecturing, and assisting in laboratory procedures.


Hairdressers, Hairstylists & Cosmetologists
Experienced in performing all hair salon services, such as hair cutting, styling, weaving, coloring, perms, shampoos, and related services. Handle scheduling of appointments, and register transactions. Additionally responsible for sales of hair care products, maintaining hair care knowledge, providing customer information services, and marketing to new customers. Particularly effective in increasing sales of hair care products and using referrals to increase client base. Attend regular cosmetology seminars on hair care techniques and products.
Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Perform diagnosis, repair, servicing, and installation of residential and commercial A/C, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration units . Work on compressors, electronic boards, heat pumps, duct work, fans, heaters, wiring, vents, ductwork, and related system components. Also perform warranty work.
Hotel, Motel & Resort Staff & Desk Clerks
Duties and responsibilities include a wide range of activities involving Night Audit, Front Desk, and coordination with various hotel departments. Front Desk duties include checking guests in and out of the hotel, running contingency reports on guests, and providing guest information. Assist with concierge duties and reservation duties including making and confirming reservations, processing credit card holds and charges, and handling large sums of money. Night Auditor duties include resolving all credit issues, totaling receipts from all hotel outlets, reconciling invoices and charges, preparing reports for distribution to management, inputting data into database, and completing all reports and reconciliations prior to morning shift arrival. Utilize hotel computer system to book reservations, as well as posting of room fees, tax, valet, long distance, and restaurant charges to individual guest accounts. Assist in coordinating large group functions and convention groups, and ensure revenue generation through upselling suites. Provide all aspects of guest relations, including front desk operations, bellman duties, and guest relations. Duties include monitoring registration and departure of guests, ensuring high levels of customer service and satisfaction, acting as Manager On-Duty as needed, performing reconciliations, creating daily reports, and preparing error correction paperwork. Additional duties include coordinating with hotel housekeeping and maintenance services. Responsible for greeting guests, handling and transporting luggage, various front desk duties, and checking guests in and out of hotel. Provide convention and concierge services for corporate, bed & breakfast, and private clients. Duties include serving as a liaison for area sites, activities, and entertainment. Coordinate all necessary business support and corporate services, as well as guest orientation and information. Make suggestions based upon assessment of client's needs and available resources. Services include researching and arranging a variety of guest requests, including tickets, airline reservations, restaurant reservations, secretarial services, car rentals, golf tee times, flowers, birthdays, anniversaries, gifts, meeting rooms, parties, entertainment, cruises, tours, health spas, massage therapy, banking needs, and private requests. Perform a wide range of management responsibilities and coordination with various departments, including Sales, Operations, Guest Services, Front Desk, Food & Beverage, and Security. Identify, influence, and coordinate itineraries, amenities, and special requests for guests with particular skill at engaging guests in local culture and history while adapting activities to suit individual styles and needs.


Insurance Sales Agents & Underwriters
Sell and market insurance services and products, prospect client relationships via cold calling and referrals, and establish and maintain key client accounts. Collect or make arrangement for payment of premiums, submit claims, and set appointments. Administrative duties include reviewing contracts and amendments, trouble-shooting account problems, maintaining existing accounts, coordinating customer education, and building and maintaining client relationships. Responsibilities include coordination of sales and service, inside, outside, and follow up sales, coordinating with corporate office staff, maintaining quality control, cold-calling, networking, upgrading existing policies, preparing sales reports using spreadsheets, servicing existing accounts, designing and delivering presentations to current and prospective clients, analyzing competitive price data and trends, and all other aspects of sales and service. Sales responsibilities include quoting rates, prequalifying customers, and writing permanent life insurance and final expense policies for the senior market. Travel throughout territory or area to educate individuals on plan features and benefits. Specialize in providing individualized services for term and whole / universal life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance, and other product lines. Upgrade existing policies, service existing accounts, make presentations, train new agents, and initiate the claims process for clientele. Additional responsibilities involve prospecting and setting all appointments based on lead cards, coordinating with corporate office staff, maintaining quality control, networking, preparing various reports, designing and delivering presentations to current and prospective clients, and all other aspects of sales and service. Win numerous awards and plaques for exceeding sales production levels. Attend industry events, continuing education classes, and seminars.
Interior Designers & Decorators
Provide full-service interior design services for clients, specializing in room design, upholstered furnishings, lighting, and interior accessories. Specific duties include presentations, creating color schemes, and consulting on projects involving fabrics and supplies, drapes, reupholstering, paint, interior decorating, and bedding. Calculate prices, offer consultation on window treatments and furniture coverings, and provide personalized service, including measurements, drawings, price estimates, writing orders, arranging for delivery, and resolving customer service issues. Specific duties include making presentations to clients, creating color boards, and basic sketching for client and contractors. Serve as buyer of furniture and accessories, purchase materials and supplies, and provide customer service. Schedule installers, create budgets, and calculate prices. Responsible for providing personalized consultation and service, including reading specifications, in-home measurements, providing price estimates, space planning, coordinating installer services, and colorizing. Coordinate selection and installation of flooring, window treatments, wallpaper, furniture, and accessories. Perform extensive research on companies and sources to purchase materials, create budgets, and plan projects. Hire installers and supervised work when necessary.


Landscape Contractors & Groundskeeping Workers
Manage a successful commercial and residential landscaping firm specializing in lawn maintenance, trees, shrubs, bedding flowers, and cleaning gutter systems. Responsible for gaining clients, providing estimates, scheduling tasks, and solving customer service issues. Perform maintenance, order equipment, and handle contract negotiations. Perform landscaping, cut and edged grass, clean sidewalks and street areas, remove trash, install plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers, spray weed killers and insecticides, and remove / haul trash. Responsible for all groundskeeper duties in assigned areas, maintain equipment and supplies, schedule jobs and projects on a weekly and monthly basis, and solve landscaping issues. Operate mowers, weedeaters, tillers, electric clippers, and other equipment. Perform landscaping maintenance, cut and edge grass, plant and maintain flower beds, raked leaves, remove weeds and trash, operate and maintained lawn equipment, and observed all safety regulations.
Legal Secretaries & Paralegals
Responsible for all aspects of administrative and legal support operations for law firm. Duties consist of scheduling client appointments, interviewing clients, performing legal research, composition of legal documents, updating and maintaining filing system, tracking office supply inventory, ordering office supplies, and all related administrative activities. Additional responsibilities include interviewing, coordinating, supervising, and managing payroll, assisting in legal research, witness interviews, and assisting with all court processes in local, federal, and state courts. Restructure and develop filing systems effectively resulting in an increase in efficiency of locating legal documents. Duties consisted of interviewing and preparing witnesses for court, performing legal research, composition of external and internal legal documents including legal memos and legal briefs, assisting in preparation of appellate briefs, and evaluation and preparation of cases for trial. Responsible for greeting and announcing visitors, answering incoming multi-line phones, validating parking, booking daily conference rooms, tracking vacation, personal, and sick days, signing for, logging, and routing packages, receiving and forwarding faxes, maintaining the master phone list, creating / maintaining all master forms and files, and assisting attorneys with transportation requests, maintaining research files, assisting clients and responding to inquiries, typing client intake forms, providing administrative support to legal assistants, ordering supplies, coordinating with vendors, and related office duties. Organize and create files for legal documents, sort and distribute mail and faxes, input pleadings and legal documents into firm database, and additional legal office duties as needed. Perform a wide range of additional duties for law firm providing a full range of business and litigation legal services, including creating and transmitting the monthly calendar of events, acting as a liaison for the catering manager, housekeeper, and legal secretaries, assisting the Human Resources Manager and Recruiting Chairman with creating and filing employment response letters, tracking attorney and staff requests for seminars, mailing out checks for approved seminars, conducting telephone training for all new employees and attorneys, and assisting the legal secretaries, document control clerks, Accounting, and Payroll with various clerical tasks. Additionally responsible for tracking the firm's weekly, monthly, and annual meetings to ensure conference room and catering requests are met, assisting the director of marketing with check requisitions and marketing tasks, entering attorney time for billing, assisting with research regarding specific cases, faxing, routing, and tracking reports, and negotiating, listing, and routing the hotel and corporate housing rates for the firm.
Assist patrons at main and branch library facilities in locating books, materials, periodicals, recordings, and information, check out books, demonstrate use of library computer system, perform data entry, reshelf books, issue library cards, order and process new books and materials, maintain records and documents, collect fees, maintain clean facilities, and other librarian duties as needed. Develop contacts with community and media to increase circulation base, design in-house brochures and posters, contribute articles for community publications, make public appearances, develop, oversee, and coordinate seminars, special events, meetings, programs, and workshops at library facilities.
Licensed Practical & Licensed Vocational Nurses
Specialize in care of medical / surgical patients, critical care, and intensive care patients. Skilled and trained in all facets of clinical nursing skills in hospital medical / surgical environments, such as post-operative care, patient education, preparing for JCAHO and other audits observation, assessment, triage, administering medications and injections, treatment planning, evaluation, and charting of patient treatment and progress. Solid background in implementing policies, procedures, and protocols, discharge planning, pain management, nutritional counseling, referral to community health resources, and ensuring quality of care. Responsibilities include providing nursing support to all patients, starting IVs, coordinating medications, assisting in physical therapy and nutrition, and participating with RNs, physicians, specialists, and other healthcare professionals in implementing plan of care. Conduct patient teaching for pre and post-operative procedures, transcribe and carry out doctors' orders, document nursing records, and direct ancillary staff. Responsibilities include hands on patient care inclusive of medication assistance, patient education, wound care, as well as coordinating charting and assessments in computer database.
Loan Officers, Counselors & Loan Processors
Responsible for a wide range of sales, marketing, financial services, customer service, loan origination, and administrative duties. Personally review prospective loan packages, advise clients on refinancing and financial strategies, provide customer education on available options, conduct extensive cold-calling, utilize various marketing and sales strategies to increase production, conduct appraisal review, determine acceptable risks, and review and analyze credit bureau information. Prepare, record, fund, and proof loan packages, process loan documentation, communicate with underwriters and senior management on a daily basis, and meet all necessary deadlines. Responsible for managing loan portfolio with a wide array of business and consumer customers. Duties include credit loan decisions, solving daily customer problems, extensive credit analysis on loans, and lending development. Responsible for cross-selling banking products and services, including deposit accounts, merchant services, and investment and retirement products. Complete training in financial accounting, introduction to basic underwriting, an overview of banking departments and daily operations, cash flow analysis, and preparing loan packages and memos for both Corporate and Business Banking Officers. Work closely with other loan officers and branch managers with daily operations, and to gain client relations experience, business product knowledge, and one-on-one customer interaction expertise. Prepare analytical support for commercial loan applications in order to make creditworthy decisions. Responsible for performing complete cash flow analysis on deals, conduct full, detailed financial analysis of customers, recommend credit exposure limits, calculate risk ratings, and update credit lines. Develop relevant measure to assess creditworthiness, utilizing knowledge of cash flow projections. Other duties include reviewing and spreading financial statements for prospective and existing clients, ensuring compliance with established credit policy, communicating relevant credit information and updating reports to loan committee, conducting covenant and loan agreement checks, and acting as a liaison with account officers on a number of credit-related issues, and assisting with customer inquiries.


Manufacturer’s Representatives
Responsible for developing sales in product lines, territories, and assigned lines. Oversee marketing strategies and operations for a full range of clients, industries, accounts, major chain retailers, independent stores, and specialty outlets. Assist in design and distribution of catalogs, product specification manuals, price lists, brochures, and other marketing collateral, plan, organize, attend, and direct booth operations at local, regional, national, and international trade shows, follow up on contacts from shows, assist in print and broadcast advertising strategies, plan company marketing events, and oversee all avenues of marketing outreach. Initiate telephone sales calls and receive incoming calls to develop rapport with customers, identify and target specific needs of customers, and provide appropriate information to assist in purchasing decisions by clients. Successfully service established customers and open new accounts to accomplish sales volume, call on various retail accounts, and participate in showroom activities. Provide assistance to distributors, sales reps, and retail accounts, conduct troubleshooting of shipping, damage, and account problems, work within the showroom as needed, order parts and equipment, and maintain outstanding sales levels and customer relations.
Marketing Specialists & Managers
Develop productive and profitable business relationships, work effectively to increase revenues, monitoring marketing trends, focus on major account development, close contracts, and implement programs to increase market share. Coordinate new product introductions, assess competitive market environment, implement effective sales strategies, coordinate and develop marketing plans, analyze statistical results, grow market share, oversee extensive program implementation, and make key account decisions. Design and deliver marketing presentations, produce proposals, coordinate public relations, foster productive relationships with vendors, clients, suppliers, and the public, utilize advanced negotiation skills, and communicate effectively with clients and staff members. Conduct quantitative research and analysis on statistical data and prepare reports for presentation to executive managers. Design and customize marketing kits, packets, and collateral for distribution to accounts and prospects, initiate marketing efforts to improve name recognition in various markets, researched and solicited development opportunities for invitation to bid, and established a network of productive contacts. Responsible for public relations, advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing efforts directed toward improving business relationships. Develop and manage a database of contacts and project leads. Generate pro-formas within specific criteria, manage high-visibility projects, and coordinate with 3rd party vendors to ensure effective and high quality delivery of marketing campaigns.
Massage Therapists
Provide professional massage therapy services on a contract or employment basis. Perform body treatments, Swedish, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage, and techniques for stress reduction, easing shoulder, neck, and lower back pain. Receive referrals from chiropractors and doctors. Maximize ability to create and maintain soothing environment, and to educate clients in relaxation and stress reduction techniques. Educated and trained in Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy / Raindrop Therapy, Sports Kinesiology, Sports Shiatsu, Reflexology, Basic Shiatsu, Medical Terminology, Passive Joint, Healing Touch, Cranio-Sacral Technique, Reflexology, Balancing, CPR / First Aid, HIV Awareness, Marketing / Professionalism, Therapeutic Communications, and Pathophysiology.
Medical Assistants, Medical Records & Health Information Technicians
Serve as CNA in Neurosurgery & Skilled Nursing Units with responsibility for a comprehensive range of duties. Provide consistently high quality total patient care, including sterile technique wound care, and taking vital signs. Assist nursing staff in other units as assigned with monitoring patient status, admitting, discharging and transporting patients, patient / family education and support, and other duties as needed. Additional duties include nursing administration and coordinating with nursing agencies on staffing, providing excellent patient care while adhering to facility policies and procedures, maintaining knowledge of equipment, communicating with co-workers, physicians, and administration, acting as liaison between families and physicians, and maintaining standards set by JCAHO and hospital administration. Process Physician Plan's of Care & Telephone Orders, input patient data/file information, assist in facilitation of obtaining JCAHO accreditation, and ensure regulatory compliance. Skilled in total patient care, medical terminology, vital signs, answering multi-line phones, ICD-9 & CPT coding, insurance verification, and claims processing. Proficient in medical billing software and Microsoft applications. As patient service staff member, responsible for operating the computer to process, store, and retrieve health information, maintaining and utilizing a variety of health record indexes as well as storage and retrieval systems, and compiling and maintaining patient medical records. Perform a wide range of secretarial and administrative duties, utilizing knowledge of medical terminology as well as hospital, clinic, and laboratory procedures. Responsible for reviewing daily computer printouts of all inpatients from previous day, contacting patients without medical insurance or public assistance, reviewing qualification for assistance under government regulations, and assisting patients in applying for aid if qualified. Conduct follow-through to ensure that applications for assistance are approved, provide documentation to various sources, seek proof of insurance for individuals with private insurance, submit information in a timely manner, and send weekly accounts via Internet to the main office. Responsible for a wide range of patent account representative duties, including accounts receivable, data entry, balancing daily receipts, filing insurance claims, Medicare billing, preparing daily bank deposits, utilizing ICD-9 and CPT-4 codes, and updating patient charts. Additional duties consist of scheduling appointments, answering phones, providing information to patients and insurance companies, and attending seminars on billing insurance, and use of CPT codes.
Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technologists
Professional experience as a Medical Technologist & Clinical Laboratory Scientist with advanced knowledge of medical laboratory procedures and equipment use, with experience in the areas of Immunology, Serology, RIA, and basic Hematology. Experience in a high-volume clinical hospital environment. Skilled in working and coordinating directly with medical professionals and staff members. Experienced in complying with regulatory rules, including CLIA & JCAHO. Experienced in Cerner Laboratory Information Systems Software. Familiar with various analysis equipment manufactured by Abbott, Beckman, Roche, and other biotech manufacturers. Operate and maintain equipment, maintain up-to-date knowledge of new technology through annual CEU courses. Serve as a Medical Technologist, perform general lab duties, conduct Urinalysis, Pregnancy Testing, Fecal WBC, Occult Blood, Eosinphil Counts, Monos, Rapid Streps, CBCs (including manual differentials, ESRs, Rapid RSVs, Rapid Flus, KOH Preps, PTs, Pinworm Slides, and other tests). Operate and maintain various types and models of high-tech equipment. Oversee quality control and coordinate with biomedical equipment technicians to ensure proper operation and accurate results. Perform a wide range of advanced diagnostic services within various medical centers, hospitals, and teaching institutions. Inject nuclear material, utilize camera-based optical technologies, look for cancers, functions, and abnormal tissues, and conduct nuclear medicine and transplant function studies. Maintain professional and JCAHO standards, submit findings, and coordinate with physicians, and patient relations.
Meeting & Convention Planners
Responsible for booking facilities, conducting comprehensive planning and arrangements for various events, and coordinating detailed arrangements for corporate, industry, and business conferences, meetings, conventions, and events. Duties include visiting cities and facilities, reviewing available sources to determine suitability of various sites, serving as liaison to employer or clients, completing contract processes, coordination with catering, audiovisual, signage, and other detailed arrangements, participation with local hospitality affiliations, overseeing outside contractors, and related administrative functions. Also responsible for on-site management of events. Additional duties include booking and ticketing domestic and international air, car, and rail travel arrangements, as well as hotel reservations and room night bookings.
Models / Fashion, Print & Runway
Attend auditions and interviews by various agencies to model fashions and accessories for a wide range of television, magazine, and print work. Complete basic modeling training, portfolio development, and preparation for assignments. Attend modeling calls and auditions, submit portfolio, participate in screen tests, and report for various on-site photographic shoots, runway assignments, commercials, and other modeling jobs. Model fashions and accessories for commercials, print work, and other assignments as required. Maintain health, body tone, and weight as necessary.
Musicians & Singers
Perform on a professional basis at concerts, performances, paid appearances, events, and church wedding ceremonies for various clients. Coordinate closely with clients and other musicians. Responsible for maintaining up-to-date knowledge of special requests and traditional music. Freelance with local bands at various venues and performances. Sing and play in entertainment venues. Responsible for auditions, practice sessions, arranging music, publicity, bookings for venues, coordinating sound equipment, and budgeting.


Non-Profit Directors
Perform on a professional basis at concerts, performances, paid appearances, events, and church wedding ceremonies for various clients. Coordinate closely with clients and other musicians. Responsible for maintaining up-to-date knowledge of special requests and traditional music. Freelance with local bands at various venues and performances. Sing and play in entertainment venues. Responsible for auditions, practice sessions, arranging music, publicity, bookings for venues, coordinating sound equipment, and budgeting.


Office Managers, Bookkeepers & Administrative Support Occupations
Supervise administrative and office staff, maintain accounting records using QuickBooks Pro, and manage all bank accounts including checking, saving, credit lines, investment, and credit card accounts. Set up and manage company payroll and 125 plan using Paychex. Implement and manage company health insurance policy. Track all warehouse inventory tools, equipment, and materials. Coordinate workman's compensation and general liability insurance audits and renewals, and handle all claims either made on behalf of or against the company. Track and file all local, state, and federal taxes. Negotiate leases for real estate, equipment, and vehicles. Handle correspondence with mortgage and insurance companies on collection of draws and setting up of escrow accounts for larger projects. Develop customer service program meeting with customers regularly to coordinate job progress and resolve problems. Track commissions and job cost analysis on Excel spreadsheets and review with the general manager and sales staff to determine profitability and commissions due on each project. Responsible for all aspects of office administration, advanced word processing, records management, maintaining calendars and appointment schedules, coordinating invoices, data entry, organization of filing systems, customer service, accounts payable / receivable, and related administrative functions.


Payroll & Timekeeping Clerks
Duties and responsibilities include issuing, collecting, and filing time cards, calculating and entering work hours, reviewing sick time and annual leave information, and verifying paychecks for accuracy. Process all gratuities to be paid thru the payroll system, assist with time and attendance documentation and issues, and research and fill out all wage verifications by the Payroll System. Process all accounts payable for taxes, child support, and Social Security, prepare weekly recaps for the Finance Office, assist in balancing and posting of financial data to the general ledger, answer telephones, read detailed records, and assist employees with payroll issues.
Pharmacist & Pharmacy Technicians
As Staff Pharmacist responsible for filling prescriptions, counseling patients, ordering supplies, working with a wide variety of medical insurance, troubleshooting, supervising typists, conducting inventory, performing drug utilization reviews, providing clinical pharmacologic information, and making administrative pharmacy operations and decisions. Perform and direct all aspects of pharmacy operations, physician network marketing, patient advocacy, compliance, coordinating with physicians and health care professionals, providing customer service, and maintaining extensive knowledge of advanced drugs, supplies, OTC medications, narcotics, and HIV medications. Additionally responsible for providing drug information and recommendations to physicians and the public, enforcing safety procedures and protocol, and strict adherence to state and federal pharmacy regulations. Responsible for processing prescriptions electronically, insurance billing, dispensing medications, customer service, quality control, and order processing. As Pharmacy Technician, obtain authorizations from physicians and nursing staff, process insurance claims, and confirm prescriptions. Take telephone orders, perform customer relations, process work orders, perform computer data entry, print labels, screen orders for allergies, drug interactions, and contraindications, and provide general back-up to pharmacist.
Physical Therapists & Assistants
Trained and experienced in orthopedic sports medicine, muscle energy techniques, strain-counterstrain, muscle imbalances, spinal mobilization and stabilization, fitting for orthotics, electrical stimulation, spinal traction, hydrotherapy, thermal modalities, therapeutic exercise, isokinetic strength evaluations, orthotics, prosthetics, aquatic therapy, and gait training. Highly developed communication skills demonstrated through extensive patient relations, quickly acquiring and teaching technical information, staff and client training, group speaking, conducting in-services and product demonstrations, and production of detailed reports. Strong clinical background and networking skills demonstrated through coordinating with physicians, clinical staff, and patients, and ability to conduct effective presentations. Equipment training and experience in hydrotherapy equipment, ultrasound, whirlpool, Hoyer lift, pulse vac, VHS exercise cards, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound, iontophoresis, mechanical traction units, phonophoresis, Cybex machines, LIDO machines, Nautilus equipment, treadmills, stationary bikes, Stairmasters, rowing machines, step machines, and related equipment. As Physical Therapy Assistant, provide therapeutic services to clinic clients, assist with joint mobilizations, posture evaluations, myofascial release, McKenzie protocol, and Greenman muscle-energy techniques. Responsible for individualized physical therapy care in various private duty and hospital staffing contexts. Provide quality physical therapy care, including rehabilitation, manual therapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, exercise therapy, wound care, and prevention of pressure wounds. Evaluate patient progress, and chart daily care and treatment efficacy. Work closely with orthopedic and arthritic conditions in geriatric and convalescent patients. Managed physical therapy for clinical outpatient treatment of back pain, sports injuries, and related conditions. Maintained patient files, charted treatment and progress, and all related administrative duties. Provide office support for a physical therapy unit and therapeutic services to clinic clients, and utilize electrical stimulation, thermal modalities, and Cybex and Nautilus machines to improve client range of motion, ambulatory abilities, reduce pain, improve strength, and enhance overall physical health.
Skilled in performing various medical procedures, triage, diagnosis, prescribing medications, testing, providing patient education, and related medical functions. Additionally, I possess well-developed communication skills which have been demonstrated through coordination of patient care with specialists, other physicians, and staff, as well as treatment planning and detailed charting of patient treatment and progress. Extensive training and experience in hospital and clinical environments, clinical units, health care, academic, and research projects. Skilled in direct patient care, public health education, and outpatient services. Skilled in all aspects of patient education, community education, and promotion of public health awareness. Coordinate and attend public seminars, health education courses, and one-on-one patient education. Develop and implement educational programs, curriculum, and teaching materials. Active in professional publication and professional associations. Maintain commitment to quality care, emphasizing comprehensive patient and family education, delivering medical treatment to underserved populations, and an uncompromising duty to treat those in need. Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through interaction with patients, families and physicians, production of detailed written treatment plans and reports, charting patient progress, serving as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and the ability to establish and maintain quality professional relationships. Trained and experienced in direct patient care, consulting with interdisciplinary team on therapeutic needs, and providing team-based surgical and medical services for internal medicine patients serving a diverse outpatient and inpatient population. Highly skilled and experienced as a physician in various facets of clinical responsibilities within hospital, medical / surgical, ER, OR, med/surg, ambulatory, and outpatient environments. Strong leadership, interpersonal, and patient relations skills demonstrated through coordinating with other physicians, hospital staff, and patients, working as a team member with accountability, conducting team meetings, supervising medical students, RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, serving as patient advocate, participating in treatment planning, making referrals to specialists as necessary, and coordinating with medical staff.
Police & Sheriff's Patrol Officers, Prison Guards, Dispatchers
Responsible for a wide range of police officer duties, including patrolling neighborhoods and businesses, responding to domestic disturbance calls, burglaries, robberies, firearms violations, narcotics offenses, investigating suspicious persons and activities, detaining and arresting suspects and offenders, and all calls for safety or service to the public. Additionally responsible for writing and submitting daily reports, community policing, and all related duties as assigned. Traffic duties include arriving at vehicle accident scenes and taking reports, issuing traffic citations, verifying driver's license and auto insurance information, running background checks for warrants, coordinating with paramedics and other emergency services, conducting alcohol sobriety field tests, obtaining information from witnesses, and assisting accident victims. Experience in law enforcement, including criminal investigations, public affairs, urban patrol, undercover work, supervision of patrol officers, coordination of programs and planned actions, executive & VIP protection, and personnel training. Noted for integrity and loyalty, commitment to a broad vision, high standards and expectations for excellence and performance, ability to lead through motivation and example. Skilled in undercover investigations, surveillance with audio, video, and visual techniques, special investigations, suspect identification, and location and arrest of fugitives wanted by local and out-of-state law enforcement agencies. Experienced in special event security, crowd control, concert / sporting event management, traffic control, public safety, coordination with fire, first aid, and medical units. Solid background and training in Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT), crisis response to a variety of criminal situations, courtroom presentation and testimony skills, knowledgeable in Search & Seizure, 4th & 14th Amendments. Urban patrol experience gained through personal patrol assignments and supervisory experience in high-crime districts; management skills gained through supervisory responsibilities. Successful in promoting crime prevention and community education to complement traditional law enforcement activities; longstanding history of community involvement, including ensuring school security and working with youth & church. Excellent communication skills demonstrated through writing detailed reports, giving informational talks to groups, developing training guidelines and procedural manuals, investigative documentation, and other materials. Detail-oriented, organized, and thorough in documentation and paperwork. Highly developed public relations and communication skills, ability to relate well with individuals of any background or ethnicity, and maintaining positive relations with City officials and department heads. Responsibilities as Deputy or Prison Guard include providing care and custody of inmates at correctional facilities, ensuring control of inmates, completing detailed reports on inmate disciplinary actions, and generally enforcing all departmental rules and regulations. Tier deputy duties include supervision of all daily inmate activities including security checks, showering, and meals, escorting inmates to authorized appointments, enforcing noise restrictions, conducting counts, and reporting all unusual incidents. As Dispatcher, field incoming 911 calls regarding fires, accidents, crimes, public observations of suspicious activity, and domestic disturbances, receive and record vital information, coordinate with various agencies, and dispatch calls to EMS, police, and fire personnel.
Public Relations Specialists & Managers
Duties include management of all media relations including creation of press releases, writing of proactive / reactive story placement, evaluation of media outlets for advertising and public relations, coordination of ad copy creation and placement of advertisements in various media, and tracking / analysis of public relations efforts. Handle the development and implementation of all media and promotional programs; manage referrals and maintain business relations; coordinate advertising and promotional activities; and related PR functions. Responsible for production of press releases, advertising and media relations, and coordinating special events and charitable functions. Contact and schedule celebrity appearances. Control radio, television, and print media access, schedule interviews, and coordinate marketing and media outreach.
Purchasing Managers, Agents & Buyers
Duties include coordinating purchases, ensuring inventory control, implementing a requisition and issuing system, controlling materials, equipment, services, and supply costs, evaluating various vendor products and services, ensuring low cost, high quality purchases, as well as receiving and checking quality. Supervise all daily operations of purchasing department, including establishing and maintaining vendor relations, market research, cost controls, and related administrative duties. Coordinate successful introduction of new products, improve supplier base through incorporation of marketing and quality assurance information, improve cost controls through vendor negotiations, write RFPs and RFQs, utilize standard cost variance for both buyer and vendor performance evaluations. Responsible for all aspects of materials purchasing management, including supervision of buyers, overseeing procurement for raw materials, recommending appropriate materials and manufacturing methods to engineering department, supervision of material storage, troubleshooting in the field, and coordination of all quality control problems. Responsibilities include producing daily inventory reports, monitoring shipping and receiving, invoice preparation, inventory control, drafting monthly freight expenditure reports, and ensuring quality vendor and customer relations.


Radio Producers
Analyze and strategize on potential topics, subjects, guests, and music to effectively increase audience and ratings, monitor Arbitron ratings, gain new audience demographics, and win new listeners to the station. Additionally responsible for participating in remote broadcasts, working closely with the sales department, production of image promos, timing commercials and announcements, special promos, selecting CD musical selections for the co-hosts, and utilizing Cool Edit Pro, RCS, Next Gen, DGS, and Spot Taxi to edit and operate digital audio and radio functions. Duties and responsibilities included coordinating closely with the Sales Department on recording, voicing, producing, editing, imaging, music selection, and placing of spots in rotation. Review and rewrite scripts as necessary. Responsible for a production and technical broadcast functions for music or talk format shows, including show engineering, call screening, and coordinating interviews with local and national entertainment, civic, sports, and related guests. Conduct in-depth research on trivia, updates, news items, and related material for on-air use. Utilize NexGen Prophet software to voice track shows, write and record station imaging, and voice national advertising spots. Dramatically improve show ratings through aggressive production strategies, booking top VIP guests, and effective screening of callers. Coordinate closely with co-hosts to select the most poignant and late-breaking stories. Assigned to perform on-air remote broadcast duties and various live spots at remote events.
Real Estate Sales Agents & Brokers & Property Managers
Skilled in Property Sales and Marketing, Commercial & Residential Leasing & Property Management, Owner Representation, Business Development, Budgeting for Commercial Clients, Cost & Labor Controls, Contract Negotiations, and Real Estate Regulations. Experienced and accomplished in real estate leasing, management, and sales, developing leads and listings, implementing targeted marketing plans, analyzing real estate property trends, determining forecasts and comparable price levels, extensive client relations, building productive and profitable business relationships, coordinating with financial institutions, attorneys, owners, contractors, architects, and appraisers, showing properties, and networking to increase business. Skilled in representing owners in negotiation with corporate clients, leasing and managing commercial and investment properties, and supervising renovations. Operate a successful real estate practice specializing in residential and commercial properties. Primary duties include coordinating with clients, reviewing files and contracts for legal compliance, sales and marketing of properties to prospective buyers, and commercial and residential property management. Update and maintain existing client accounts, create property information packages, conduct market value and analysis, property investment analyses, and marketing reports. Conduct owner representation and tenant / buyer representation for property sales and leasing. Monitor current market activity, and work to maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of current markets, competition, and sales skills. Perform all duties of Real Estate Agent and Broker, including listing and selling homes and other properties, maintaining excellent client relations, and working as a liaison with property inspectors and financial organizations. Additional duties include tenant relations, facility maintenance, and related administrative duties. Supervise maintenance personnel for service requests, complete lease and rental negotiations, credit checks, and paperwork. Oversee move-ins / move-outs, make damage assessments, and approve security deposit refunds. Contract for repairs, meet all applicable codes and regulations, and maintain an on-call status 24 hours per day. Manage office staff and general business operations, including hiring and firing, supervising assistants, managing accounts receivable and payable, and maintaining bills and receipts files. Coordinate property tours and met with prospects one-on-one to explain market conditions and sales process. Handle all aspects of marketing and promotions, negotiate long term leases, sale prices, and loans, attend closings, and ensure quality client service through prompt response to client concerns.
Receptionists & File Clerks
Responsible for interacting with a high-profile clientele, greeting guests, answering phones, taking reservations, booking appointments, and informing clients about company issues. Handle customer complaints by ensuring high-quality customer service. Perform opening and closing duties, and handle cash and credit card transactions as necessary. Trained and experienced in office operations, company terminology, preparing paperwork for staff, ensuring quality customer service, keeping lobby area neat, appointment setting, bookkeeping, ordering supplies, updating and maintaining accurate record systems, and related administrative functions. Skilled in scheduling and reporting, completing office documentation, organization of filing systems, use of office computer systems, creative visual displays in lobby area, answering multi-line telephones, and providing customer service. File Clerk duties include accessing, retrieving, and filing documents, answering incoming phone lines, performing computer input, operating fax and copier machines, and handled filing, data entry, mail distribution, records management, mass mailings, and copying.
Registered Nurses
Specialize in care of medical / surgical patients, geriatric, pediatric, adolescent, adult, critical, emergency, and long-term care patients. Provide direct care, observation, assessment, triage, administer medications and injections, treatment planning, evaluation, and charting of patient treatment and progress. Develop plan of plan of care, charting, discharge planning, intensive care, pre-op care, wound care, pain management, monitoring side effects, referring patients to community resources, family counseling, observing all JCAHO and governmental regulations, and ensuring quality control. Interpersonal and human relations skills, coordinating with physicians, pharmaceutical reps, vendors, hospital staff and care providers, working as a reliable team player with flexibility and accountability, attending team meetings, supervising LPNs and CNAs, serving as patient advocate, participating in treatment planning, and assisting medical staff. Production of detailed written treatment plans and reports, charting patient progress, serving as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and the ability to establish and maintain professional relationships. Serve on various units and float as necessary with responsibility for a comprehensive range of invasive and non-invasive patient care and bedside nursing services. Provide consistently high quality total patient care, including administering blood, blood products, and medications, assisting with procedures involving intra-aortic balloon pumps, and EKGs, maintaining and titrating medications, participating in codes, administering vasoactive drugs, IV care, Penrose and JP drains, hemovacs, and catheter care, sterile technique wound care, taking vital signs, utilizing continuous cardiac output monitors, using advanced biomedical equipment, and other skilled nursing duties. Specialize in acute care of critical care, intensive care, and surgical patients, cardiac monitoring, patient education, and serving as patient advocate and liaison to families, attending physicians, residents, physical, occupational, and respiratory care therapists, social workers, pharmacists, and other health care providers. Coordinate effectively with pharmaceutical reps, biomedical equipment reps, and other vendors. Received excellent ratings on annual performance evaluation.
Reporters, Print & Broadcast
Skilled in various aspects of journalism and communications for both the print and electronic media, writing and editing news and feature stories, covering events and incidents, conducting news background research, verifying sources and information, maintaining the highest standards of journalistic ethics and reportorial objectivity, television graphics, video, and sound production and editing, field and studio camera operation, and developing creative feature story concepts. Recognized by publishers, editors, supervisors, station managers, staff, and co-workers for exceptional writing and editing skills, solid technical abilities, reliability and dependability, uncompromising work ethic, ability to meet deadlines while maintaining accuracy, and excellent interpersonal skills. Duties consist of conducting interviews, on-location stories and photography, and reporting on local, state, and national politics, sports, culture, business, and events.
Retail Managers
Responsible for all aspects of store management, including supervising employees, scheduling and coordinating payroll entries, inventory control, shipping and receiving, loss prevention and sales training, providing customer service and assistance, utilizing sales techniques and training to achieve increased sales, and participating in promotions and marketing strategies. Skilled in all aspects of customer consultation, vendor negotiations, identifying and evaluating emerging consumer buying trends, assessing individual lifestyles and needs, and researching competitor pricing and selections. Oversee floor layouts and interior store designs, utilize Plan-O-Gram and other shelf stocking systems, create window and in-store displays, and creative merchandising. Coordinate store inventory, reduce shrinkage, assist in advertising and marketing, special events, bookkeeping, and daily store activities. Develop a successful system of achieving repeat business through development of a loyal customer base, and consistently achieved outstanding sales within store through careful analysis of individual buying tendencies, resulting in high rates of customer satisfaction and improved sales. Provide customer consultation, conduct vendor negotiations to ensure customer satisfaction, provide consistently high quality customer service and satisfaction, and upholding all company policies and procedures. Coordinate stocking of merchandise, develop creative visual displays, implement shrink control / inventory control / internal & external theft control / risk management strategies, and develop strategic marketing plans and sales promotions.


Sales Associates, Retail
Perform retail duties in various departments according to necessity, assist customers with merchandise choices, operate a cash register with cash, check, credit card, return, and exchange transactions, assist in inventory and stocking of merchandise, prepare products for sale and mark-down, answer phones, and utilize sales techniques to increase business. Provide exceptional customer service to maintain customer loyalty and increase customer spending. Additional duties include assisting with store merchandising and creation of visual displays, balancing drawers, opening new credit accounts, and alerting customers of new and upcoming merchandise available for order. Coordinate sales of general merchandise in a busy retail location with responsibility for floating throughout all departments as needed. Participate in receiving, pricing, theft prevention, and stocking of merchandise. Created visual displays, handled mark-downs and sales, assisted in merchandising, and provided quality customer service. Provide customers with sufficient product knowledge of all in-store merchandise, open new credit accounts to increase gross sales within the store and throughout the company, assist customers with shopping needs, and suggest additional items for customers to purchase.
Sales Managers
Responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing for accounts, territories, and units within assigned area of responsibility. Oversee print and electronic media, supervise ad agency activities, and manage the annual budgeting process. Maintain leadership for strategic planning and direction, develop annual marketing strategies, and conduct in-depth marketing and cost analysis. Coordinate participation in all community involvement activities, including donations, co-branding with vendors, and representing the company in all major interviews and recognition events. Build critical relationships with key vendors and community leaders for long term business. Strategize on ideas to drive new sales to enhance revenue performance and achieve bottom line results, roll-out new products and services, merchandising, signage, marketing campaigns, and sales initiatives. Personally direct contract sponsorship negotiations to enhance brand value and market share. Collaborate with marketing efforts to implement strategic initiatives. Fully accountable for P&L results, hiring, promotions, and setting superior standards with client services and account relations. Duties included budgeting, developing new account executives and managers, overseeing staff training programs, supervision and coaching, inventory control, pricing strategies, and creating new profit centers. Work to ensure consistently high quality sales processes, to uphold all corporate ethics policies and procedures, and to aid in employee development.
Sales Representatives (Outside), Account Executives
Perform business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) cold-calling, canvassing, and telemarketing to gain leads. Maintain a list of active contacts and prospects, set and make appointments, conduct sales presentations, utilize advanced closing techniques, and enter into contracts with customers. Responsible for attending seminars on sales techniques and product knowledge, attend field training, travel to client locations and corporate headquarters as necessary, and stay up-to-date on products and services. Participate in sales campaigns, visited with existing clientele to increase market share, attend networking events, provide education on product features and benefits, and enhance business relationships. Prepare and submit sales and activity reports, solve client problems, utilize conference calls, and resolve issues to avoid cancellations or loss of accounts. Meet and exceed all sales quotas and goals for territory
Security Guards & Supervisors
Provide a wide range of security and guard services as armed officer under contract to businesses. Duties include assisting and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors as necessary, monitoring alarm systems, patrolling buildings, grounds, and area, making rounds, alerting authorities to suspicious persons, requesting identification, and coordinating with local police, paramedic, and fire agencies as needed. Provide security and patrolling at various events and parties, ensure appropriate access for parking, and additional duties as needed. Train new staff, ensure that employees possess proper certifications, inspect uniforms, ID badges, firearms, and equipment, supervise attendance and performance, institute discipline, and submit incident reports as necessary.
Shipping & Receiving Clerks / Managers
Responsibilities include shipping and receiving, unloading trucks, operating forklift and pallet jacks, preparing orders for delivery, cleaning warehouse area, conducting inventory, and counting material. Match invoices to shipments, operate computerized shipping and receiving computer systems, track missing deliveries, and inspect for damaged shipments. Responsibilities include supervision of shipping, receiving, picking, packing, distribution, warehousing, shipping area / receiving dock management, and ordering all materials and supplies required for operation of the facility. Manage inventory utilization and control, load and off-load trucks, and coordinate with outside contractors on maintenance issues. Oversee routing of shipments to ensure timely deliveries, and implement equipment maintenance programs. Conduct safety meetings for safe lifting, slips/trips/falls, hazardous materials handling, and comply with OSHA and other workplace rules and regulations. Duties include training, scheduling, supervising and managing shipping / receiving staff, assisting with hiring and firing decisions, and conducting employee evaluations. Additionally responsible for preparing manifest of material and necessary paperwork, following safety procedures and guidelines, configuring materials for stretch wrapped pallets, preparing bills of lading and packing lists, conducting weekly, monthly, and annual inventories, coordinating correspondence between trucking and shipping firms, verifying delivery, quality control and assurance, and assisting in conducting surveys of effectiveness within the shipping / receiving department.
Social Workers
Areas of expertise include experience in professional social work, team management, conducting psychosocial and interdisciplinary evaluations and assessments, case management, discharge planning, individual and group therapy and counseling for seniors, adults, families, couples, children, and adolescent clients. Experienced in staffing, team leadership, and implementing programs to provide direct therapeutic services serving a diverse population, as well as supervising and mentoring social workers and interns. Knowledgeable in interviewing and educating clients in hospital, clinical, and residential inpatient and outpatient environments, providing comprehensive therapy services utilizing a wide range of clinical and behavioral techniques, and developing creative team-based therapies and interventions in various areas of social work, including depression, anxiety, addictive disorders, sexual and physical abuse, grief, loss, anger management, interpersonal dysfunctions, phobias, as well as relationship and family issues. Skilled in providing appropriate social service and other necessary referrals. Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through interaction with families, interdisciplinary team members, and clients, extensive interviews, maintaining confidential client information, production of detailed written assessment reports, and the ability to establish and maintain professional relationships.
Speech-Language Pathologists
Serve as part of interdisciplinary team including physical and occupational therapists. Responsibilities include performing assessment and treatment of adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients and populations with a variety of disorders and issues including articulation, fluency disorders, language disorders, language delay, phonic disorders, aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia, dysphagia, cognitive impairments, autism, and voice disorders. Duties also include utilizing low-tech augmentative communication systems in treatment of dysarthric patients, patients with laryngectomies, conducting swallow studies, and all related administrative functions. Skilled in all aspects of evaluation and remediation of communication disorders, coordinating with families and caregivers, design of therapy plans, curriculum development, updating and maintaining client files, submitting reports, chart documentation, and all related duties.


Tax Preparers
Responsible for preparing complete and accurate state and federal income taxes for business and individual clients, interviewing clients to gather financial information, completing tax forms and schedules, determining tax savings strategies, conducting tax planning, and submitting completed forms. Maintain extensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations and applied tax concepts to individual returns. Additional duties include proofreading and checking returns for accuracy, preparing paper and electronic tax forms, and dispensing tax refunds. Research, report, and familiarize clients with legal and proper tax strategies, credits, and deductions.
Teachers, Elementary & Secondary
Responsible for all aspects of teaching courses at the primary and secondary levels, assisting students with problem-solving, and implementing test-taking strategies for students within a variety of school environment. Duties include classroom management, lesson planning, assigning homework and projects, lecturing, grading papers, curriculum development, individual tutoring and counseling, assessing student performance, and coordinating with parents, faculty, and administration. Employ teaching techniques that encourage critical thinking, reading comprehension, memorization, and learning at various competency levels.
Tellers & Bank Teller Supervisors
Teller responsibilities include handling large cash amounts, utilizing 10-key by touch and computerized banking account system, maintaining proper cash limits, cashing checks, accepting deposits, issuing cashier's checks, money orders, and traveler's checks, cash advances, wire transfers, transfer of funds, and paying / receiving large amounts of currency and coin. Teller Supervisor duties include opening and closing branch, approving overrides, assisting in the training of new tellers, monitoring cash limits, making supervisory decisions, approving checks for tellers, scheduling lunch breaks, and ensuring quality customer service at all times. Financial Services duties include conducting customer education, performing ATM demonstrations, making overdraft decisions on accounts, cross-selling of financial products, directing customers to the proper banking officers, and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of new banking services and products.
Tour Guides & Escorts
Conduct tours and presentations, supervise large groups of visitors, provide information about sights, attractions, buildings, and exhibits, including historical architecture, culture, history, and stories / events. Responsible for interacting with guests from around the world, greeting guests, and giving narrations to large audiences. Make presentations and speeches on tourist destinations, the culture and history of the area, as well as detailed information on concerts, cultural events, restaurants, and attractions Responsible for ensuring a high level of client satisfaction through enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill in entertaining visitors.
Travel Agents
Duties include booking and ticketing domestic and international air, car, and rail travel arrangements, as well as hotel reservations for vacation and business travel. Utilize SABRE, American Express, and other computerized travel booking systems. Responsible for troubleshooting and problem-solving, calculation of fees, interpretation of tariff and frequent flyer upgrades, and assisting in locating destination and accommodation information, consulting on definition of traveler reward program rules. Coordinate travel arrangements for vacationers, executives, commercial, and corporate clients, including airline ticketing, ground transportation, tour arrangements, hotel accommodations, and related needs. Educate customers on various travel packages and opportunities. Responsible for all aspects of travel planning and customer service. Research airfares, hotel accommodations, tours, rental car rates, and hotel prices to ensure maximum value for customers. Coordinate closely with airline and hotel representatives as needed. Collect funds and process credit card deposits and payments.
Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer, Light Delivery Services
Provide local, area, regional, and interstate transportation services for assorted packaged, bulk, frozen, refrigerated, or dry van goods. Handle all aspects of trucking, including pick-up and deliveries, keeping logs, purchasing fuel, observing safety regulations, meeting deadlines, and related duties. Duties include observing all health and safety regulations, operation of tractor-trailers and van trucks, vehicle maintenance, loading and unloading, and meeting all deadlines with zero citations.


Waiters, Waitresses, Hostesses, Fine & Casual Dining Serving Workers
Perform daily front-of-house server operations for restaurant or food & beverage establishment. Responsibilities include customer service, food & beverage service, and high-volume sales. Greet and seat customers, memorize daily specials and promotions, take and expedite orders, upsell desserts, specials, wine selection, and beverages to increase average ticket, communicate with kitchen staff, and assist in facility maintenance. Market restaurant and bar products and services, work to create a clean and hospitable dining experience for all patrons, and ensure compliance with all restaurant procedures and health regulations.