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need a job now

You Need a Job… Fast!

We all know it can be a jungle out there to find
a job in a hurry, and most people would be in
a very, very difficult position financially if
they were suddenly thrown out of work.
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7 Ways to Make a Name for Yourself in Your Industry

June 27, 2016

I am quoted in this national article (see “Stay on Top of Trends” paragraph)…

Your name is your brand—and you’re anything but generic.

7 Ways to Make a Name for Yourself in Your Industry | Monster.com

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Sending Your Resume to HR…Smart Strategy or Dumb Decision?

In the careers industry, we are constantly reminding our clients that simply sending your resume to a company’s Human Resource department in response to an advertised or posted job, is one of the least effective methods of landing a new position.

For one thing, when you apply […]

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Are You a Millennial “Job Hopper”?

June 5, 2016

Sometimes an opportunity you can’t resist comes along less than a year after you’ve accepted a new job. You might think that you shouldn’t quit for the new job because it will make you look bad due to job-hopping.

Or, you may think […]

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